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I am an enthusiastic environmentalist ready to be the change I want to see in this world.

Is recycling the answer ?

Is the recycling the answer to the world’s solid waste problem ?


World Environment Day

Its World Environment Day , so what does that mean ? Natural systems support our own prosperity and well being. The value of nature is priceless and scientific advances along with growing environmental problems is a call for us understand the ways in which we can live in harmony with the environment. Today we live…

Just Another Oil Spill (part 2) From Trinidad to Bonaire.

What Now ? What are the outcomes of the oil spill at the Point-A-Pierre Refinery? Were clean up methods effective? What about the affected animals ? What are Petrotrin’s  mitigation techniques and strategies ? I simply do not have the answers to these questions. The company has gone silent, and like any other issue in…

Just Another Oil Spill in T&T

Oil spills have been occurring in Trinidad too frequently with little attention being given to the situation. I choose to be the voice for the environment today and bring this to the light.


It’s World Earth Day! The theme for this year’s celebration is “Environmental and climate literacy”. Now you’ re probably asking yourself what is World Earth Day and why do we need a date to celebrate the earth? Earth day is more than just a single day, it is more than just a day of recognition,…