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I am on a mission to educate, inspire and mobilise upcoming activists by having interactive conversations on environmental topics with youth from across the world. Drawing from a global network of inspiring youth leaders, climate activist Khadija Stewart brings a Caribbean, positive, upbeat and informal perspective to the environmental podcast scene.

Coming June 11th is the Action for the Ocean Series Inspired by Pendulum and Peace Boat US. Young Climate and Ocean activists from across the world had the opportunity to develop amazing campaigns all geared towards saving the oceans. For this first season you would hear from the organisers of the initiative as well as the youth who developed campaigns ranging from coral protection, to sustainable fashion, shark conservation and so much more. My goal is to spark inspiration and encourage each and everyone of you to learn how you can take action to protect our oceans.

Episode 10: Youth Ocean Activism EcoVybz Podcast

“I thought I was the only one worried about the planet and then, suddenly, there are other kids taking the chance to change things — and I am sure it will empower other kids to do the same.” -Anna Taylor, organizer, "Youth for Climate" movement UK This week is all about youth and ocean protection! For this episode, I have a lovely chat with 18-year-old Summer Benjamin, an Antiguan-American student, ocean leader, pilot, and climate activist, based in the US Virgin Island of St Thomas. Summer has participated in several initiatives related to youth climate work, founding the Earth Warriors at Tahoe Expedition Academy and has participated in several international events including speaking at the POP International Conference and Festival in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, COY 15, the World Sustainable Development Forum in Durango, Mexico, the POP Ocean Virtual Summit, WAAS Global Leadership in the 21st Century e-conference and POP Ocean Youth-Led Action and Advocacy Workshop. Recently, she has started the Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) Virgin Islands Hub and continues her activism through beach clean-ups and ocean awareness initiatives. Our conversation focuses on the role that young people can play in protecting the Caribbean Sea as well as overcoming challenges youth face when it comes to being an effective agent of change. To learn more about Summer you can check out her Instagram and SOA’s US Virgin Island Hub Instagram! Be sure to also follow me on all socials @ecovybz!
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