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I am on a mission to educate, inspire and mobilise upcoming activists by having interactive conversations on environmental topics with youth from across the world. Drawing from a global network of inspiring youth leaders, climate activist Khadija Stewart brings a Caribbean, positive, upbeat and informal perspective to the environmental podcast scene.

Coming June 11th is the Action for the Ocean Series Inspired by Pendulum and Peace Boat US. Young Climate and Ocean activists from across the world had the opportunity to develop amazing campaigns all geared towards saving the oceans. For this first season you would hear from the organisers of the initiative as well as the youth who developed campaigns ranging from coral protection, to sustainable fashion, shark conservation and so much more. My goal is to spark inspiration and encourage each and everyone of you to learn how you can take action to protect our oceans.

Episode 17: Representation in Marine Conservation EcoVybz Podcast

Katie Storr is a Bahamian Ocean Entrepreneur. Though she is a woman of many talents and passions, she is widely known for private Scuba Diving Instruction onboard luxury yachts cruising throughout The Bahamas. Also specializing in Media and Content Curation, she creates specialized content for a variety of tour operators and maritime-related businesses in The Bahamas. With 12 PADI Distinctive Specialities, 200+ PADI Certified Students, and 5000+ Scuba Dives under her belt, Katie is a Bahamian ocean icon willing to venture where most wouldn't underwater in the Bahamas. PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Reef Rescue Network Instructor and VIP AYI Chief Yacht Stewardess Katie Storr, was introduced to the ocean at a very young age. She has had an undeniable love for the ocean and its marine life since the first time her eyes ventured below the surface. Mermaid Katie, as she is affectionately called by many, is one of the few professional black women in the world to teach Underwater Photography as a Professional Instructor and loves curating memories and sharing them with others to spread her love and devotion for Ocean Education and Photography & Film. She is Co-Founder of “The Ocean of Colour” an online community showcasing the importance of People of Colour within the ocean space and blue economy. They have successfully created the first black-owned ocean publication in the world – written, designed and published by Zandi Ndhlovu and Katie Storr. Melanin Yachties, a community formed to be a support system for People of Colour working in the Maritime and Yachting industry, is also the brainchild of Katie. Her strong belief in representation within the ocean space brought about this community that focuses primarily on bringing ocean awareness, education, jobs and training opportunities, and events featuring people of colour locally and internationally. Adding to her portfolio as a Shark4Kids Ambassador, Shark Advocate and Shark Awareness Instructor, Katie has partnered with Shark Education to create innovative ways for young Bahamians – and potentially youth around the world – to grasp shark education in the classroom through online webinars and short films she creates using voice-overs, film and shark curriculum created by Shark4Kids founder Jillian Morris-Brake. In this episode, we have a great chat about the importance of representation in marine conservation especially in the Caribbean, the art of storytelling as a powerful tool to drive ocean literacy and the importance of opening youth access to the ocean so that they can be the next generation of ocean stewards and blue entrepreneurs. To learn more about Katie be sure to visit her website and follow her on all socials.  To keep up to date with the podcast you can follow @ecovybz on all socials as well! 
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