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I am on a mission to educate, inspire and mobilise upcoming activists by having interactive conversations on environmental topics with youth from across the world. Drawing from a global network of inspiring youth leaders, climate activist Khadija Stewart brings a Caribbean, positive, upbeat and informal perspective to the environmental podcast scene.

Coming June 11th is the Action for the Ocean Series Inspired by Pendulum and Peace Boat US. Young Climate and Ocean activists from across the world had the opportunity to develop amazing campaigns all geared towards saving the oceans. For this first season you would hear from the organisers of the initiative as well as the youth who developed campaigns ranging from coral protection, to sustainable fashion, shark conservation and so much more. My goal is to spark inspiration and encourage each and everyone of you to learn how you can take action to protect our oceans.

Episode 24: COP 27 Ocean and Climate Takeaways EcoVybz Podcast

Meet Bodhi Patil! Bodhi is a 19-year-old ocean climate solutionist passionate about the interconnection between Ocean Health and Human Health (OHHH). As the founder of Inner Light and co-creator of @oceanuprise, Bodhi believes in the power that young people have to create impact at scale. He is a second-year student in the Bachelor of Arts and  Masters of Management program at the University of British Columbia studying oceans, environmental action, and business. He co-founded Sea Dragon Studios (SDS), creative arts and digital media platform supporting youth-led, ocean-climate action and launched One World Breath. With a team of 4 fellow young impact makers, he co-won the UN Oceans Conference Youth & Innovation Forum with project INVASEA – Innovating with Invasive Species. Along with the 130 other incredible delegates of the forum, he is especially recognized by the United Nations as an esteemed ocean activist. As an avid surfer, diver, kelp-lover, marine science nerd, ocean-climate solutionist, and hopeful realist, he loves mother nature deeply and truly believes that like the ocean, we are powerful creators that can make waves of positive impact. In this episode, we dive into several things  His Marine Conservation Journey Key Ocean and Climate takeaways from COP27  The power of Kelp  UN Ocean Conference  Goals and Aspirations  Advice  To learn more about Bodhi check out his linktree and be sure to connect with him!  As always be sure to follow @ecovybz on all platforms and I shall see you at the next one! 
  1. Episode 24: COP 27 Ocean and Climate Takeaways
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  4. Episode 21: Youth Advocacy and Climate Injustice
  5. Episode 20: An Urgent Cry to Save Our Ocean

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