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Khadija Stewart- Founder of Ecovybz. MSc Climate Change and Development. MSc Sustainable Development with Management Studies and BSc Environmental and Natural Resource Management.


I am a young enthusiastic environmentalist ready to make on my mark on the world by educating the public about environmental issues and solutions. Education is the backbone of progress and I believe it is my mission to spread as much knowledge as I possibly can.

Awareness, appreciation and change are my watch words. I thank anyone in advance for reading my blogs and I hope you like, share and be part of my mission

My focal points are water and marine resources/ climate change, education, outreach and advocacy for environmental conservation.

Pedigree: Founder of Ecovybz Environmental Creatives, Former communications Specialist for the World Youth Parliament for water , Peace Boat Ocean and Climate Change Youth Ambassador, Sustainable Ocean Alliance Youth Ocean Leader and host of the Ecovybz Podcast. To learn more visit my website!

“Be the change you want to see in this world”

Mahatma Gandhi

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Santa Cruz
Trinidad and Tobago
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